Mt San Jacinto State Park – Part Three Of Three

About two weeks ago we spent a couple of days in Palm Springs and we took the Palm Springs Aerial Tram up to the top of Mt San Jacinto. Once there I took a couple hours to hike the Desert View Trail – I had thought that I was going on a 15-30 minute quick day hike (which would have been the Nature Loop) but instead took the longer, more difficult loop. After about 40-45 minutes I had made it to the top of the ridge overlooking the Coachella Valley and the first four of five “notches.”

Finally headed more or less down hill after Notch Four, but still on a rocky trail with some slightly tricky footing.

The rock formations up here were wonderful to look at and roam through. Proof here that a little bit of a crack, a little bit of water, and a little bit of freezing can bust open the biggest boulder.

More rocks and trees and fallen trees.

Finally the path starts to level off, widen, and get less rocky. Much easier walking.

Notch Five, the last of them, with the haze moving in and the clouds lowering.

Down in the flats at the north end of Long Valley.

Now I just had to get back to the ranger station at the bottom of the ramp from the upper terminal of the aerial tram…

…and then up that ramp. At least the rocks and trees were always wonderful and relaxing to look at.

And I’m back at the upper terminal. The approximately 300 feet gain in elevation going up the ramp wasn’t as bad as I was expecting.

Of course, I also had the sense this day (FINALLY!) to stop about a dozen times to catch my breath.

Every time I stopped, rotten little ten-year-olds skipped and ran up past me, taunting me. It’s okay, just wait fifty-five years and see if they’re still skipping and running. Little monsters…

If you’re up for a moderate day hike and in the Palm Springs area, this one’s pretty nice. I took just under two hours to do just over two miles total, but it wasn’t a race and I had a great time!

Didn’t even get sunburned! (Wore a hat, it was cloudy, and I had sunscreen.)

Remember to bring water!

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  1. Bravo! The state of me at present, I’d probably take even longer!

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