Propaganda Processing

Trigger warning: Politics

A group of lunatic Republicans (like there’s any other kind left) has managed to push through a recall election on California’s governor. Election Day is September 14th, but being a sane state for the most part, EVERY registered voter gets a mail-in ballot, or you can go stand in line next month. This political stunt will cost the taxpayers of CA something in excess of $250,000,000, which seems like a particularly stupid thing to be spending funds on when we’ve got massive brush fires covering close to a million acres of the state. Oh, and that little pandemic thing also. And a monstrously huge homeless crisis. And the global warming thing that’s going to kill EVERYONE ON THE PLANET in a couple hundred years, if not much sooner.

So, yeah. Guess where I stand on the issue?

Anyway, I got my first piece of Republican propaganda in the mail today. It annoyed me. I wanted to shred it instead of simply putting it into the recycle bin.

Not good enough.

Now, mind you, I’ve got a decent shredder.

It doesn’t just cut things into strips, it does the whole cross-cut bit with little tiny pieces.

Not good enough.

So I pulled all of the shredded bits out and ran them through the shredder again!!!

Look at how much smaller and closer to total disintegration those pieces are now!!!

It took a few minutes, made a mess, and was harder than I thought, but it was worth every second.

As it says on my pinned Tweet:

I don’t think that’s a wishy-washy or vague position. Do you?

If you’re in CA, grab that ballot, vote “NO” on Question One, leave Question Two blank, and get that ballot back in to your local election board. These psychotic fascist Death Cult members have to be stopped.


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5 responses to “Propaganda Processing

  1. And then, if you put the shredded bits into your compost heap, the worms can do the rest 🙂

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  2. berich56

    Now why are you being so hard on the Klansmen…er, I mean Republicans??
    I agree with your Twitter comments!

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    • We keep bringing compromise and bipartisanship to the table and they keep bringing nukes and tear gas – it’s time to start acting like we actually want to preserve democracy and voting rights instead of kowtowing to insane fascists. If that makes me a radical, well, I’m sure Mr. Paul would approve! 😁


  3. Arthur Rubin

    Sorry, Paul, the organizers of the recall are mostly Republicans; and I’m afraid, mostly Trumpists, but, but the people who signed the petition were mostly Democrats. I believe only 41 of the almost 2 million signatories took the opportunity to reconsider their signatures,, in spite of a million dollar effort by the California Democratic Party.

    Newsom would do California a favor if he would just resign. He may have done a good job with COVID, but we’ll never know, as his actions were not rationally based on data. On most other issues, I think he deserves a C, at best.

    I _think_ he could still do that and the Lt. Governor would become Governor.

    For what it’s worth, the money raised in opposition to the recall significantly exceeds the direct cost of the election. Proponents have raised almost 10%.


    • I’ve going to disagree on Newsom’s resignation being a good strategy or good for California. This has been 100% a GOP Death Cult political campaign in order to damage CA, damage the Democratic Party, and damage the country. I’m tired of trying to play nice with these evil, fascist assholes. Your points may be factually correct, but they miss a critical point. The GOP has become an anti-American, domestic terrorist organization and supposedly we don’t negotiate with terrorists. Newsome should NEVER resign, at least not based on his record to date. I’m tired of letting the evil fuckers win.


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