iPhone 13 Macro Camera Test

(There’s a theme here the last few days. Yeah, back in “Deadline Days” and there’s not a lot of time, so as I do my “walk around the back yard for two minutes because my watch is yelling at me to step away from the desk” breaks, I’m playing with the new iPhone to see what it can do on the fly with zero prep or planning.)

I’ve heard so many good things about the iPhone 13 macro (close-up) lens – oooh, look, those flowers are blooming again!

Not bad! The camera is probably 1/2 inch or so away from the flower. How close can I get? A bee’s eye view?

Um, okay, that’s pretty amazing. Add to the list to try and play more with this with an actual tripod and planning…

I’m really liking this phone/camera, a lot!

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Filed under Flowers, Photography

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