No Context For You – October 26th

Wow, it’s been 25 days since I’ve had to default to one of these at about 23:30 in order to come up with a post for the day. That new iPhone has made a huge difference in this month’s posts!

I note that NaNoWriMo starts next Monday, and it is a measure of the poor state of my sanity and lack of common sense that I’ve been pondering whether to try another one. (Search this site for NaNoWriMo – I think I tried it three times and posted the daily output here every day.) It’s been a few years and I actually miss doing it.


Still lots and Lots and LOTS of deadlines at work, “challenges” popping up like whack-a-moles, trying to wrap things up as Finance Office at the hangar so that I can hand that gig over to someone else, dealing with all of the little joys of still being in a pandemic and at least partially locked down and working from home…

On what planet… In what timeline… In which version of “life” would tackling NaNoWriMo on top of all of that make ANY sense at all?

So, should I do a comedy or something serious? Science fiction of something more mundane? Third person or first person POV?

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