Speaking Of Big Birds

Let’s ignore the ignorant insanity being displayed by prominent guanopsychotic politicians while they accuse Sesame Street characters of being Communists. (A phrase I NEVER thought that I would have to use!) Today, while cleaning up the breakfast dishes, out in the back yard landed two REALLY BIG BIRDS!

I’m used to seeing them up in those pine trees on the hillside below us there in the background, or up on the power poles out in front by the street. This is the first time I’ve seen one one the ground and fairly close.

They circled the yard about ten feet up, then this one landed and the other went up on the patio roof. (High cover for this mission?) It was shocking just how big this guy is when seen up close like this. I’ve seen wild turkeys on the ground and they’re not much bigger than this.

Given their soaring flight, the huge beaks with the curved tips, the hackles around the neck (not easy to see in this shadowed position, but playing with Photoshop and pushing the contrast and brightness, you can see the rough feathers there), this pair were obviously ravens.

A great way to start the day!

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  1. And sadly, all their wonderful wild terrain has been devastated by the fires. But ravens have always been adaptable.

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