Attack Of The Pothole From HELL

Five or six weeks ago they were scraping and repaving a half-mile stretch of one of the primary streets here. This was a good thing – that stretch of the road was horribly full of potholes and cracks.

In the process, as they scraped off the old top layers of paving, they left the Pothole From HELL. It was right at the point where the scraped section met the section that had been left alone. I was crawling, no more than 15 or 20 miles an hour, but it was enough to really rattle ye olde front end.

I checked the front end after for any missing pieces or damage, but didn’t see anything, so I kept driving the car. For a couple of weeks, including on the freeway where “traveling with the flow of traffic” or “maximum freeway speed” is a pretty good clip. If you’re from LA, you know what that means… (It’s not 65!)

No worries!

Except that about ten days ago I noticed this:

Well, there’s your problem! That’s a big dent and a big crack. Definitely not safe for “maximum freeway speed!”

So I stopped driving the vehicle, ordered a replacement wheel, and today finally got in to the shop to have it replaced. So the guy pulls the tire off and literally gasped in shock and surprise.

Well, THERE’S your problem! It seems that in terms of the threats of a tire blowing out and sending me spinning and flipping and burning across five lanes of traffic at “Maximum Freaking Freeway Speed,” the cracked and dented wheel wasn’t the top threat at all!

Good to know…

So in addition to replacing that dented rim, I also got to pay for a new set of four Pirelli high performance tires.

But I’m not dead! Some days it’s better to be lucky than good, I guess.

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  1. Thank heavens you noticed the crack… and thank heavens you stopped driving it until the new one arrive!

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