Don’t Look Down

At the peak of the roof on the side of the house. Fifteen feet up? Eighteen?

Heavy duty ladder, solid footing, moving carefully and staying close to the ladder, moving the ladder instead of reaching.

If anything starts to go south, try to go west, to the left, where that big, soft (ish) bush is, not onto the A/C unit or that fence or those hard, metal, pokey things are. A good plan, never tested.

Pity it’s been so dry, from up here you can see over all of the neighboring houses and since we’re on top of a hill to begin with, the mountains can be seen clearly. If it were colder and wetter once in a while there would be snow. Not now.

The worst part was having to do it twice – not much holds the big lights on and if anything hangs up and pulls the wrong way… Ziiiiiiiiiiip, down they all come. The second time a few more solid anchors got added. Fool me once, shame on you, and all of that.

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Filed under Christmas Lights, Photography

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