No Context For You – December 06th

A simple photo, a couple of slapdash visual effects (isn’t “slapdash” a wonderful word?), and 23:30 desperation searching for inspiration turns into…whatever.

NASA introduced the 2021 astronaut class, otherwise known as “Astronaut Candidates” or ASCANs. Ten fine, wonderful, and über overqualified individuals, some or all of whom will in the next five to ten to twenty years walk on the Moon or even Mars. I watched them with bittersweet joy as they were introduced, excited to see them and truly looking forward to following their progress as they pioneer the road forward off-planet, along with all of the other current astronaut corps which I’ve followed for decades.

Bittersweet because that was the course I had dreamed of since I was about five years old. I’m starting to think that maybe I won’t get my shot at it. I’m not giving up hope, but there comes a point when you realize that you’re down by 10,000 points and there’s only a couple minutes on the clock and it’s 4th and about four miles. The odds are thin and getting thinner. But, as Commander Peter Quincy Taggart was known to say:

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