December 29th

Wait – it’s December 29th?

Oh, shit.

That means I have only 50 hours to:

  • Lose twenty-five pounds
  • Get into shape to run a 5:00 marathon
  • Learn fluent French, Spanish, and Russian
  • Read the 50+ books in my TBR stack
  • Visit Paris, Rome, Tokyo, and Sydney
  • Get current again in an airplane and get my IFR rating

If anyone needs me, I’ll be over her in this dark corner, sobbing and having a nervous breakdown.

2022 has got to be better than this? Doesn’t it? 😲🤣🤯

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One response to “December 29th

  1. As 2021 was the sequel to 2020, you’re excused. All goals and targets have a revised deadline of 31st Dec 2022.


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