If You Squat Right Here

Folks who think we never get snow in SoCal haven’t ever been here. We have ski resorts within an hour’s drive.

It’s extremely rare to get snow down in the valleys or on the floor of the LA Basin. These areas are all about 99% under 1,000′ elevation. But the mountains all around go anywhere from 1,600′ in Griffith Park, right near Hollywood and downtown LA, to 3,300′ in the Santa Monica Mountains, to well over 10,000′ in the San Bernardino Mountains. I can remember once getting about 1/4 inch of snow in a house that was at 910′ and next to the foothills in about 1987 or 1988. Our current house is at 1,062′ and we’ve never even come close.

However, after last week’s storms, when a fair amount of snow got dropped down to about 3,000′ there are plenty of places to see snow-capped mountains off in the distance. I just didn’t know that our yard was one of those places.

But it’s winter, and a lot of the trees have finished dropping their leaves. While talking to the crows today I noticed that if you go way over to the corner of the yard, and squat right here, and peek through the trees over there…

It’s not one of those picture postcard views that they show between every other float and marching band at the Rose Parade, but it’s our very own view!

Just as long as I don’t throw my back out trying to stand again after squatting and peeking!

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