Random Old Photos – January 21st

Well…semi-random at least. Tonight I decided to look for other photos taken on January 21st in other years.

Tough search. Not many to be found, and most of them to be family related, personal, not necessarily for sharing here.

But in 2010, a dozen years ago…

Apparently, it was a “frog drowner.”

Not so much tonight. While we’ve had some showers in the past week, and we got a LOT of rain in December, it’s dry and SUPER WINDY in SoCal tonight.

Here we’re windy. In many other places in SoCal it’s gusting to 60 and even 70+ and there are power outages all over the place. Up north, on the Central Coast by Big Sur, there’s a brush fire that’s started. And many folks are pointing out that if we hadn’t had a soaking through most of December, the entire West Coast could be in flames with these winds.

Hang on. It’s 2022. Looking back at 2020 and 2021 we were hoping that 2022 would calm down. It seems instead to have said, “Hold my beer!”

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