Fine Feathered Friends – February 10th

Finally caught a good view of some new avian visitors – Western bluebirds!

I had seen a couple of them here and there last year, but only for a few days and I never got any kind of decent pictures. They’re very skittish.

While it might not show that well against a blue sky, their backs and tails are quite blue and they stand out. In addition, that reddish orange chest and white belly ID’s them easily.

When I went to take the trash barrels out there were at least nine or ten out on the lawn, feeding and flitting. These two almost seemed curious about me, which is odd, but they came right over and landed on the wire above me and started watching me.

A couple others came up and landed on the gutter at the edge of the roof above the front door but took off as soon as I started going inside.

A great sighting, it brought me some happiness! I guess that just verifies that they’re bluebirds, it’s in the job description!

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