The First Lizard Of 2022

It’s been warm, above 80º every day this week, and I was wondering when the first yard lizard would wake up from their winter’s rest and come out for some photons.

I had spooked this one earlier when I was out in the back yard and it was extremely cautious and skittish, off into the bushes in a flash. However, as warm as it was, it didn’t take long for him to come back out, by which time I had grabbed the camera with the big lens.

I started walking cautiously across the yard, trying hard not to spook him again. (“SERPENTINE!!”) He wasn’t letting me out of his sight.

I did my best to look non-threatening. Plus, the sidewalk was nice and hot, so he had some incentive to stay there.

I don’t recognize this one from last year, but it may be one that has grown quite a bit. He’s very dark, and there was a pair of very dark lizards that were always on the big tree. Perhaps he’s one of that pair?

About eight feet away was as close as he was going to let me get, which was fine. I wasn’t there to harsh his mellow, he needed the energy and some ants or crickets to start rebuilding his strength.

The dark lizard and the bright white sidewalk made for some high contrast photos. A little Photoshop crop and work to bring out some detail shows some of the nice patterns on his back and tail!

Long live the lizards!

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