March Rain Aftermath

The squirrels again came out on the soggy side this morning.

They seemed less than thrilled about it. Californians, on the other hand, loved it.

It rarely rains in LA in March, but we’re grateful for it, especially this year, which is quickly turning into the third (fourth? fifth?) drought year in a row.

Meanwhile, our two regular soggy squirrels brought friends.

I was told there was a fourth out there as well, but I never saw all four together. Plus, there was lots of running around, chasing, hopping, up the tree, down the tree, and so on. Lots of that springtime, barely concealed squirrel lust stuff. For all I know there were six or seven of them in a regular squirrel bacchanalia and in 38 to 46 days we’ll be hip deep in little squirrels.


In between all of the other shenanigans they were cleaning out the bird food that had been thrown out, so I threw out a couple of handfuls of the bigger, “critter” food for them. Gotta keep your strength up…

It’s raining again, even though it’s the tail end of the storm and expected to stop soon. We’ll take what we can get and ignore the opinions of the squirrels. I mean, really, they have brains that are only theeeeeeeeeeeeeese  🤏🏻 big.

You know – like politicians. (Ba-DOM-dom!! 🥁 I’ll be here all week! Tip your waitress!)

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