Sneezes & Beezes

These plants & bushes are all over the place here, in this case along the fence line between us and our neighbors.

It’s the time of year when they go from nothing to pollen superfactories in a flash. Very pretty, despite the side effects.

Two things come with their spring explosions – sneezes and beezus. It’s good to see the bees. The sneezes, not so much.

The bees were having no paparazzi today, so while they were buzzing all over the place they would bug out to another plant every time I tried to get close with the phone. It’s not like they didn’t have other options.

So huzzah for the buzzing bees, as well as the Cooper’s hawk that I was originally trying to photograph. It was making quite the racket out there, but it nests down in the canyon so it never got up above the trees where I could take its picture, although I could see it thorough the trees.

Tomorrow’s another day.

Best wishes for those of you celebrating various holidays this weekend.

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