Squirrel Tsunami

I had mentioned somewhere a few weeks back (here it is) that the squirrel population seemed to have exploded. Spring! Love is in the air! Or at least, hormones!

We have one squirrel that lives in the big tree on the left in the back yard, and another that we’ll see often coming up from the pines on the hill in back. Sometimes, rarely, there’s a third that comes over the chain link fence from the neighbor’s yard on the right. But a month ago I saw two adults leading two tiny squirrel babies through that jungle gym of pine tree branches back there, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I saw the whole group.

Along with a handful of finches, mourning doves, and a couple of juncos, they were decimating the bird seed that gets put out every day. Curiously, there was also a rabbit way off in the far corner, under the bushes. We used to have them all of the time, but didn’t have any for months and months.

The compression on photos sort of sucks, so here are the four of them highlighted.

I will say that when I first got up there were three of them out there. This was an hour or so later, and while it might be likely that it’s the early morning three plus one other, one of these days I might walk out and find seven of them there.

It could happen!

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