Doomscrolling Respite – May 24th

I think too many of us spent too much time doomscrolling today. It was easy to do, there was so much high quality doom.

So, stop it. At least for now. At least until you give yourself time to breathe, to process, to allow your blood pressure to come back down.

I’m not saying that ignorance is bliss, but at a certain point you’re like Leeloo at the end of “The Fifth Element” when she finds the encyclopedia entry for “war.” When you get to that point you’re no good to yourself, your family, or anyone else.

Instead, here are some pictures from a hike up Mount Ascutney in southern Vermont in 2009. There’s a really “funny” story about this particular hike … but it will wait for another day.

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Filed under Photography, Travel

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