Lucy & Ricky’s little brood are growing quickly. Over the past week-ish…

Thursday, May 19th

Saturday, May 21st

Saturday, May 21st

Sunday, May 22nd

Tuesday, May 24th

No chicks were harmed in the taking of these pictures! That’s sort of why they suck, I can’t really see what I’m taking pictures of, I can’t focus, and I can’t take more than one or two at a time. I’m waiting for Lucy and Ricky to clear out, jumping up on the lawn chair, sticking the camera up there against the rafters and sort of kind of having the lens pointed in the right-ish direction, and desperately jabbing at where I hope the camera trigger button is and hoping for the best.

But now they’re starting to look like birds. And they eat ALL FREAKIN’ DAY LONG.

Ricky & Lucy must be exhausted.


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