You & Me, Little Flower

What a rough week! Too many things that are absolutely infuriating and totally out of our control. Frustration, anger, rage, hopelessness. Now, just a Friday afternoon quest to retrieve the trash barrels from the curb before they get hit or stolen or otherwise manage to turn the routine into yet another crisis.

But wait! Do you see it?

The lawn’s already turning brown because of water restrictions, but there! All by itself!

Did no one tell this seed (probably from over on the other side of the yard) that growing and blooming here was stupid and futile? That it’s going to die and probably quickly?

The hard, cruel driveway is right there, the car wheels can roll right over this little dude, the grass is dry and dying. You’ve made a horrible mistake!

Yet there it is, a tiny bit of beauty and grace, as glorious as a dozen roses in its own way, defying the odds with no fucks left to give, trying to grow anyway.

No – no one told that seed that the world’s a horrible, hard, deadly place where it’s almost impossible to even survive, let alone thrive. Not knowing better, it’s putting down roots and doing its absolute best every day. Maybe it doesn’t even survive the night, given the rabbits that roam and prowl the front yard, eating the young, naive, succulent flowers. Maybe the drought will claim it in a few days. Maybe I’ll forget it’s there and roll that right front tire straight over it on Sunday.


You’ll only know if you try. And if you’re going to try, why not give it 100% of your being with every effort, the better to improve your odds of actually succeeding.

You and me, little flower. Just doing the best we can.

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