An Old Joke, But No Less True

Hey, what’s that feeling? Could it be … optimism? Satisfaction? Relief? Maybe even just a tiny touch of, dare I say it, happiness?

You met all of those deadlines today! Yeah, you! Sure, not everything on that to-do list from Hell got done, but that’s never going to happen. The important, critical stuff got done!

A couple of those things you have been working on for weeks! And maybe the whole project isn’t done, but at least those really big, hard, key components are done! The hard part might actually be behind you!

You might even get this upcoming three-day weekend off! Like, really REALLY off, not just that kinda sorta “I’ll just have to do a little work” off. It could happen!

Wait! What? I’m soooooooooooory! I didn’t mean it!

That wasn’t “happiness!” There’s no “satisfaction” or “relief” here! It was just gas!

I take it all back! Nooooooooooooooo!

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