No Context For You – June 16th

So, for last night’s post, were there zero likes because no one actually read it, or was it because folks read it and it didn’t make any damn sense?

What I truly love is waking up at about 02:30 with my brain going, “Knock, knock! You forgot the punchline!”

With that title referring to an old joke, I never mentioned which old joke. So, for the record after feeling good, having the computer issue, and then not feeling so good, the old joke in question was the one about discovering that the light at the end of the tunnel being an oncoming train.

I didn’t say it was a particularly good joke.

And once I powered down the system, let it sit for a few, and turning it back on, it powered up just fine. No worries.

Still not out of that tunnel, but maybe that actually is daylight. Stranger things have happened.


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2 responses to “No Context For You – June 16th

  1. It wasn’t clear what the problem was.
    And I’d rather have lizards 😉
    And my wordpress avatar is playing up ever since I got a new wordpress id for something else entirely, and it never lets me log out of it, so it takes more effort to comment and like these days.

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