Sidewalk Lizard

This dude (I’m going to go with male pronouns because who knows?!) was sitting on where I normally see Dusk, but it’s definitely not him. This as-yet-unnamed dude is a bit longer, but much wider. In thinking about it, Dusk might be an alligator lizard, where this guy is a Western fence lizard all the way.

He’s guarding the trash cans – no one’s getting over there without a fight. No one’s stealing OUR trash!

He wasn’t spooked very much by my presence. Either I’m getting a lot better at being sneaky (unlikely) or he just didn’t care.

It was bright and hot out there. He was loving those photons!

Oops, he’s spotted me! By this time I was only maybe five feet away and that side stinkeye look says, “Stop!” So I did.

Tomorrow (or soon), a harder lizard to spot.

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Filed under Critters, Photography

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