Hidden Lizard

Yesterday’s lizard was out in the middle of the sidewalk, almost daring any hawks or other raptors in the area to take a shot at him. The other lizard I spotted at the same time was much better hidden.

See him? Between his natural camaflouge against the bark of the tree and the added visual confusion from the sunlight and shadows, I almost missed him. Viewing him at first from a little to the right of here, looking at him head on, he was nearly impossible to see.

But then he twitched his tail and turned his head just a tiny bit and that gave him away.

At first I thought it might be the same one as from yesterday’s post, but from under the tree I could still see it sitting there. Then I thought it might be StumpTail, but in the shadow behind him you can see that long tail.

Both yesterday’s lizard and this bad boy have the most wonderful turquoise spots down their back, patterened in the scales. Click on any of the images to blow them up to full size to see for yourself.

I didn’t get too close, maybe five or six feet, and this guy finally turned away from me, figuring that if he couldn’t see me, then I can’t see him. I quietly backed away.

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