Skyscapes – June 22nd

The “June monsoon” is here!

Yesterday afternoon I was watching posts from friends in New Mexico showing their clouds and rain, and last night it was friends in Arizona. Our weather forecast had about a 15% chance of thunderstorms, with scattered heavy showers as a wave of monsoonal moisture swept up from Mexico and Baja.

The local news reports had stories this morning of thunder, lightning, and some downpours in downtown LA, Hollywood, the Pasadena and Glendale areas, all about thirty miles to our east.

There were also flash flood warnings and a couple of small brush fires in Ventura County, about thirty miles to our west. We were in the middle and had — clouds. No rain. No thunder. No lightning. Just, clouds.

Very nice clouds, mind you! Oh, and enough humidity to choke an elephant, very unusual for SoCal.

So throughout the day I periodically went and took a zillion pictures of clouds. The neighbors were pointing and whispering. They no doubt think I’m certifiable, a solid 5150 candidate, standing out in the middle of the street taking pictures of…clouds.

Finally, while I thought we hadn’t gotten a drop, the dirt on the Volvo says otherwise. Due to the severe water restrictions (notice how brown our yard is starting to look in the photos above?) I haven’t washed it in a while. The spots and patterns in the dust tell of some big drops falling, but very, very few of them. It must have rained for about thirty seconds, tops.

Bad drought. Every little bit helps.

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