Fine Feathered Friends – July 06th

Last week I saw a large, bright yellow bird trying to do a “carrier landing” on the hummingbird feeder. My assumption was that it might be a yellow-headed blackbird, since that’s the only large, bright yellow bird I’ve ever seen around here.


Yes, it’s bright yellow with some black highlights on the wings.

At first there were two of them, fighting over the feeder. I was amazed and figured they would both fly away as soon as I went near the window.

Nope, they were too busy fighting. Two males? A male and female? I don’t know, they were too backlit at first to see details, but the body shape was definitely new, not something I had seen before around here.

Amazingly, after the one flew off, the other completely ignored me, which gave me time to grab the good camera and move right up to the window with it. And yep, he was cleaning out the hummingbird feeder.

Well, that explains why Little Bastard has been in such a bitchy mood. Aside from the feeders being empty, while he’s a bully when it comes time to scare off other hummingbirds, this dude’s about ten times his size and just ignores him.

This dude hung out for several minutes, up close and personal, so there are lots of pictures to plug into the Merlin Bird ID app from Cornell University. (Highly recommended!)

It’s a Hooded Oriole. Yes, YOU! Busted.

What a gorgeous bird! What a great sighting on a day that had it’s share of shit coming in from left field! Thanks, bird dude!

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