Fine Feathered Friends – July 07th

There’s another bird that I’ve seen around for about three years, but it’s been VERY hard to photograph. I’ve gotten a couple of odd, fuzzy, small photos, and I’ve ID’ed it from its birdsong using the Cornell Ornithology Lap app. But they’re tiny, quick, they never sit around for long, and so far while I’ve seen them plenty and heard them plenty more, I had only gotten one halfway decent photo.

It’s a Bewick’s Wren (pronounced “Buick,” like the car) and they’re tiny-ish little fuzzballs with long tails. Bigger than hummingbirds (but not by much) with that long, thin tail, but much smaller than mockingbirds or towhees.

Even when I would see one sitting still instead of constantly moving and hopping about, they were always well up into the trees, tough to spot embedded in the foliage.

About a month ago I finally got one to sit still, out where I could see it, and then stay there long enough for me to take a series of pictures.

Notice the shape of the bill and that long, thin tail.

The tail is also zebra striped.

Their call is very distinctive. Actually they have several distinctive calls, which was also confusing when trying to ID them.

There’s a white stripe above the eyes.

If it looks like he’s pecking at the branch, almost like a woodpecker might, you’re right. They eat lots of small bugs and ants.

Finally, some decent pictures of the Bewick’s Wrens!

But wait – there’s more to the story…

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