Squirrel Spa

We’re apparently operating a full-service spa resort for squirrels now.

Not only do they feed on all of the free bird seed that they can eat, I found this one waiting patiently for its full-body massage.

I’ll admit, there was a second when I thought that it might have eaten too much bird seed and died, spread eagled, content to have died doing what it loved most.

Then I saw the other one similiarly splayed out a few feet away. I’ve never seen other squirrels lie like this, but it must be comfortable because both of them do it on every hot day now.

Whatever! They’re weird. Sort of goes with the job description for “squirrel” I guess.

At least in this yard.


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2 responses to “Squirrel Spa

  1. I presume your stone patio is significantly cooler than the grass outside – they’re cooling their tummies. My guinea pigs do much the same thing. Find a cool spot and pancake…

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    • I’ll add that to my list of things to do in the back yard to freak out the critters and embarrass the rest of the household. The lizards do push ups as a territorial thing and the squirrels go spreadeagled to cool their tummies. Next time the spirit moves me, I’ll tear off my shirt, drop in front of a couple lizards and give them 25 – by the time that’s done I’ll need to lay on my tummy on the cool cement to recover!


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