Two months ago these flowers surprised me.

Today I was again pleasantly surprised, but this time I looked up what these are.

They’re bougainvilleas.

No clue why some of the blooms seem to have one of these little white centers while others have two or three.

This is why I got degrees in physics and business, with minors in astrophysics and computer programming.

Biology seems to just bounce off my brain and vanish into the ether.

But I know what I like and what I think is pretty, and this is it. And I know that I like sharing that, so here it is!

Completely lost in real life and the small thumbnail images are the long stamen sticking out of these flowers, but you can see them in these pictures!

They’re almost the same color as the bright magenta petals, just a shade or two more red.

I hope your Monday and the upcoming week are spectacular and fun, but I also know that the world can be “interesting” for so many of us these days, so if “sucks less than average” is an acceptable substitute for “spectacular” and “painless” is good enough to stand in for “fun,” I hope you get those. And if looking at incredibly bright flowers helps, take these!


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2 responses to “Bougainvillea

  1. Yes, I was surprised you hadn’t seen them before when you posted last time… I was a bit busy at that time, so didn’t tell you. Or else I thought I’d leave you the fun of finding out!
    My parents always loved them – I suspect because they are a bit exotic from a UK pov and it reminded them of their time in Africa or something. Once they became available as house/patio plants, we’ve always had them around. My brother still has one of my mum’s–still flowering… in fact it’s brilliant this year with all our hot weather.

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    • They do seem to like the heat! I’m out in the back yard several times a day and while I’m not really paying attention, it seems that they blossom the most just before sundown on hot days. I can see them thriving over there with this insane heat wave you’re having – stay safe! We all have air conditioning everywhere, I don’t remember most anyplace I visited or stayed in the UK having any.


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