Random Old Photos – August 8th

It’s been quite the day. I think I may have blown a brain circuit or two.

Let’s keep this simple. What was I doing fifteen years ago?

Traveling to a NASFIC in the Saint Louis region with the family apparently. (Side note, while I was also working full time plus and also going to Pepperdine to get my MBA and starting my flying lessons, I apparently also took six trips around the country, went to three airshows, two science fiction conventions, and three or four baseball games. Where did I get the time and/or energy?!) But rather than going with the stock photo of the Gateway Arch and Old Courthouse in downtown Saint Louis, I like this one of that same area broken up and fractured in the reflections of an office building.



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2 responses to “Random Old Photos – August 8th

  1. Very nice! It’s a long long time since I visited St. Louis. 33 years in fact, maybe even this week. No, I can remember now, I was visiting friends, and enjoyed 4th July with them πŸ™‚ Memorable, after all!

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