Master Of Disguise

Not to steal any thunder from Dr. Earyn McGee‘s excellent and wonderful Wednesday evening Twitter game, but can you find the lizard in this picture?

Don’t sweat it if you can’t – I know where it is and I can only just barely see it by blowing the image up to full sized. (Click to enlarge it.)

A bit more zoomed, this is a “normal” view and you might see him now.

He’s stil a challenge, looks a LOT like the bark of the tree, but a fair number of you will be able to find him in this image.

There he is.

Pixelated as all get out if you blow it up to full sized, but he’s pretty obvious at full zoom. I suspect it’s this guy who hangs around the tree to begin with, but I didn’t get a positive ID. He said that he had left his driver’s license in his other skin.

Enjoy the sun, little lizard dude. Winter is coming.

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