Christmas Lights 2022 – Stupid(er) iPhone

On Wednesday I tried to do some weird timelapse motion-blurred Christmas lights with my iPhone 13 Pro Max and was disappointed with the results because the “smart” phone kept trying to “fix” or “correct” what was obviously an error on my part in how I was using the camera and thus giving something that was weird and motion-blurred.

Who in their right mind would want that?!

I mentioned then that I had some still functional older iPhones that might not be so “smart” and in turn might simply record what I was pointing at when I opened the shutter. My old iPhone 6 plus not only has a headphone jack (more on that some other time) but sure enough, it’s old enough and “stupid” enough to not mess with my photographic tomfoolery!

The lights on the roses next to the driveway on the iPhone 6, compared to Wednesday’s iPhone 13:

And another:

Inducing a bit of wiggle in that 1/4 second exposure is tougher than it looks.

On the other hand, you can just swing the camera side to side as fast as you can while shooting pictures.

You can get up close.

You can step back and get a big chunk of the yard.

One very odd effect on some ornaments shows off the “rolling shutter” on the iPhone. (I think – Destin at Smarter Every Day might prove me wrong.) There aren’t four candy canes at each of those spots, just one.

A mix of the big bright lights with the tiny fairy lights.

A bit of wiggle, but I like the way the trails at the top & bottom aren’t parallel, but converging in an arc.

Again, take a look at the LED “icicle” lights hanging down. I think they show up with nine or ten images where the candy canes have four has to do with the frequency that the LEDs are firing, but that’s just a W.A.G. (Wild Ass Guess)

The biggest takeaway of the night might be more related to the neighborhood. A rental house across the street from us has come vacant and there were folks over there today, presumably looking at it as potential new neighbors. Now they’re seeing this lunatic running around our yard in the rain with an eight year old iPhone, waving his arms around like I was having a seizure or had a spider down the back of my shirt.

If they decide not to move in, I’ll understand.

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