Final Play Of 2022

At the Ahmanson for our “extra” play of the season, “Ain’t Too Proud.” The season is six plays, each in town for 5-6 weeks, but there are a couple others that sneak in for just a couple of weeks.

As the panographic photo shows (as always, click on it to see it full-sized), the Music Center is resplendent for the holidays. The Mark Taper Forum’s on the left (with the Ahmanson behind it) and the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion is on the right (with the Disney Concert Hall behind it).

A big Christmas tree and City Hall off in the distance are in the middle. We also have the fountains and lights working in the middle, but with the temperature at 54° and dropping, no one’s dancing in the fountain. Go figure!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and not stressing too much over the holiday prepar… HOLY CRAP, WE HAVEN’T SENT OUT THE CHRISTMAS CARDS YET!!! 🤯

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