No Context For You – December 29th

What I really hate is the fact that I’ve started to have hazy, half-awake, falling asleep, drifting off, stress dreams about Excel. The spreadsheet program. The one that I’m using hour after hour after hour at work and at home, most of the time seven days a week, 365 days a year.

The usual sort of stress dreams, minor nightmares, only instead of not being able to find my car or get my camera to work or find the hotel front desk in order to check out, I can’t get something to work correctly in Excel.

More importantly, I have a serious question. Something that’s bugged me about the program for years and years.

In order to shield certain information from view, you have the option to “Hide” rows, columns, worksheets, and so on. When you want to reverse that and show those “hidden” areas, the command is “Unhide.”

“Unhide?” WTF? Was that even a word before Excel de facto made it one?

Why not use “Reveal?” Isn’t that already a real word that means the opposite of “Hide?”



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2 responses to “No Context For You – December 29th

  1. That made me laugh, especially as I’d spent the last four hours (including half an hour filing my tax return) playing with the sales data from my physical book sales and the craft fairs I’ve done this year. Whilst I love Mac for most things, I really miss the simplicity and capabilities of Excel v ‘Numbers’!

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    • Macs and I have a troubled relationship, at best. While I love my iPhone and iPad, I can’t use Numbers except for the simplest of tasks on an emergency basis. Meanwhile, I discovered spreadsheets even before PCs, starting with Visicalc on CP/M, then SuperCalc, Lotus 1-2-3, and Excel on the PC. At this point I’m like Amy Adams in “Arrival,” thinking in Excel and becoming something not quite human anymore.


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