Venus & Jupiter Conjunction Plus One

Yesterday they were side by side and close – today, Jupiter has moved a little below Venus.

It’s been a busy, busy day and I’m late, so I’m not bothering to clean up all of the dead pixels using PhotoShop tonight.

Nor am I going to blather on about how you can see something sort of like this for the next week or two.

Just go out and see it for yourself when you get a chance!

With the iPhone you get a much wider, brighter picture.

There were a few clouds, but not bad. Enough to add “character.”

But the iPhone doesn’t zoom in for beans compared to the DSLR with the big lens.

Finally, and this isn’t a great picture because there was some wind and vibration, but if you look at Jupiter, tonight you can see three of the Galilean moons!


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3 responses to “Venus & Jupiter Conjunction Plus One

  1. Yes. I got one like that last night – complete with power cable 🙂


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