Back At The Builder’s Ball

The Builder’s Ball is the annual fundraising gala for Homes For Family, where I used to work. (Here, here, and here, plus probably some more.)

The key phrase there is “used to work.” What’s up?

Well, I went to several Builder’s Balls before I worked there because The Long Suffering Wife was on their Board of Directors for several years. Then I worked there for four years or so. We’re still friends with some of the Board members, and I still keep in touch with several of my co-workers from my time there. We got an invite to go, so…

I will say, it was great to see people there, many of whom I hadn’t seen in person in three and a half years. (COVID helped that delay.) It was interesting seeing the event when I wasn’t working it.

Now it’s time to make sure I get together for lunch with some of my old friends from there. They were working tonight, we need time to schmooze and hang out and catch up. And not wait another three and a half years.

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