One Cloudy Planet

Hope springs eternal in the (not so) young amateur astronomer’s heart as he searches for five planets in the sky at once. Even if I can’t get a good photo, maybe I can at least see them?

Maybe Jupiter and Mercury can be seen through that hole in the oncoming storm front? Nope, they’re actually over to the far right, just to the right of the top of Castle Peak that you can just see in the bottom right corner. But at this point it was too bright, too close to sunset to see. Plus, you know, CLOUDS!

The clouds did have a little bit of iridescence, and it was clear overhead so I could see the quarter Moon, but the clouds were not only hiding dim Jupiter and Mercury but also obscuring my view of  bright Venus and super dim Uranus up somewhere where that jet was passing by in the upper left.

I hope you had better hunting and clearer skies than I did!

All I saw was one cloudy planet, the one that I’m stuck to.

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Filed under Astronomy, Photography, Sunsets

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