Short & Simple Daily Posts Are Still Daily Posts!

For me there’s a very noticable trend toward shorter, simpler daily posts, sometimes (like today and Monday and Sunday) just a single picture with a quick comment or two.

Yes, things are really, really busy. Yes, the days are really, really long.

Those are both good things, at least as long as it’s not a daily thing every day until the heat death of the universe.

Meanwhile, the color variations within each of these tiny flowers in the shade is just amazing. I would love to see these flowers in ultraviolet light. I’ve seen pictures of others with similar patters. I’ll be these look like a freakin’ bullseye even more vividly than they do in visible light!!


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2 responses to “Short & Simple Daily Posts Are Still Daily Posts!

  1. Those flowers are beautiful. I agree with you about there being a value in short posts. I write mostly for myself on my blog though, so the value is that it helps me therapuetically.

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  2. Funny, I just read a post about how blog posts are trending longer, 1-2k being favourite.
    But yours are just right, whatever length they are.


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