Big Moth, No Flame

The Long-Suffering Wife was headed out this morning, stopped, backed off, and hollered, “Do you want to come and take a picture of this weird moth?” She knows me so well.

Yep, that’s a weird moth! A big one, too!

And gorgeous markings! I took a few pictures, got fairly close without it flying away. Then I poked it a bit to prompt a departure so that TLSW could get out.

Instead of flying away, it did this! Even more beautiful!

Maybe it’s how or where I poked it? Or I have a pheramone issue that I’m not aware of. Either way, what do I know about the erotic zones of moths? It looked like a mating display to me.

I finally just moved the doormat off to the side, and when I checked a half hour or so later, the moth was gone.

Fly safe! Have fun! Make good decisions!


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3 responses to “Big Moth, No Flame

  1. It’s a hawk moth, which has a large number of varieties within the group. It looks a lot like a privet hawk moth , but not the same, so it’s probably native to you 🙂 Fabulous beasts 🙂


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