First Fireworks In A Long While

I think the last fireworks I saw were for the July 4th celebration while at Baycon last year, but they were several miles away. It’s not the same.

Last night we went to the Angels home opener. There were a lot of cool things, but we lost 4-5. Tonight we went back and saw a victory, an exciting game, and Saturday night fireworks after the game.

This doesn’t suck. And then we got lucky and got out of the parking lot quickly (last night we left in two minutes after we started the car, but we sat in the car and chilled to let traffic clear for almost an hour) so that when we got back into our hotel parking lot, we found that we were right under the Disneyland fireworks finale.

MORE non suckage!

I hope that your weekend is also great and your Easter tomorrow is fun.

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