Opening Weekend 2023

We don’t ALWAYS make it to the home openers for the Angels, but over the past twenty years or so we’ve probably made it to better than half of them.

I’m not there just for the pomp and circumstance, but I don’t not enjoy it either.

It does slay me that all teams (including the Angels) introduce the visitors’ “training staff and reserve players” in one mass group, then introduce the Angels’ reserves individually and the training staff individually down to the 2nd assistant massage therapist. Home field advantage!

Of course, the best part of the opening ceremonies is the flyover. Most previous years the Angels get a big cargo jet like a C-5 or C-17. Which is fine, they hang there just the way bricks don’t. But this year we got two F-18s tearing over on afterburners and setting off half of the car alarms in the parking lot, so that was FANTASTIC! Once that’s all over they have to fold up the humongous flag and get ready to play ball.

The sunset over the 3rd base side of the stadium was fantastice.

Then it was time to play!

After it was over (we lost on Friday night) it was time for the dash to the parking lot under a full moon rising in the east. The “Big A” was not happy with the loss.

Meanwhile, out in the parking lot, with a sold out crowd most folks got to their cars, started them up, and moved about six inches every fifteen minutes. We just sat in the car and chilled until most of the crowd cleared (an hour or so, but hey, we have cell phones to play with!) and then left in two minutes.

Saturday night we were back!

At sunset, looking straight out over center field we can see snow on the mountains still, and the Pond on the other side, home of the Anaheim Ducks.

We won the Saturday night game and then got fireworks, so it was a good weekend!

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