Back To Work Monday

My usual Monday greeting on all texts and emails is “Happy Monday!” But everyone know that I’ve got the volume on the sarcasm subwoofer turned up to an eleven.

So after a weekend full of ballgames and seeing family, it was time to get back to work.

As with most days that end in “y” there are imminent deadlines and reports due and a full “back burner” if all of that gets done.

I’ll admit that I had some doubts that I would hit this particular set of goals, but being stubborn and dogged (two of my strong suits) got things out the door.

Then the great work by the rest of the team, got things reviewed and approved and off to keep everyone happy.

That’s a victory, and as tired as I might be, it felt good. Maybe even more so for being so tired. It’s wonderful being part of a great team.

So, victories call for celebrations. This might not have been a victory like winning the Super Bowl, or getting my pilot’s license (fourteen years ago as of last week – WOW), but it still counts.

So celebrate your victories with me as I share even more fireworks from Saturday night. We know there are more than a few defeats and disappointments out there to suffer through. Celebrate when you can.

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