Odds & Sods for Friday, May 12th

When did fortune cookie fortunes become so bland and boring?

“The social scene can be fun these days” They don’t even try putting an exclamation point on the end to fake excitement. What happened to the days of, “A new lover will bring joy, adventure, and romance to your life!” Or, “You will win the Lottery and retire to your own private island in the Carribean!”

None of those things are actually going to happen, but it at least gave you something to fantasize about.

Why do they have tarps at the side of the field in domed stadiums?

Okay, maybe an aircraft is going to crash and break through the roof during a hurricane, allowing the field to get soaked. But I’m thinking that if the flaming wreckage of a 747 has to be moved in order to put the tarp out, there just might be other things that are going to delay the game.

Can wisdom teeth re-grow? Or at least can they come back and haunt me?

Getting a lot of “moderate discomfort” for months at the back of my jaw where the wisdom teeth were before they got yanked something like twenty years ago. I figured cavities or some sort of gum disease, but last July and August the dentist said there was nothing like that there.

Since then it’s gotten worse and comes with the added benefit of some massive headaches. It’s no longer a day or so every now and then, now being more like daily.

So I went to a different dentist and got told the same thing.

So next week I start bugging the doctors. Something’s definitely off, and my patience is shot. I want someone to figure out what’s causing this and fix it?

Some sort of massive but bizarre ear infection? A ruptured eardrum of some sort? Eardrum cancer?

Probe me, but figure it out!

I think we’re back to just Solo Junco, maybe a pair. Like previous years, all of a sudden I just notice that there’s only the one out there, where sometime in the near past (earlier this week? last week? end of April?) there would be a dozen or more out there every time the seed gets thrown out.

You would think with all of the hospitality we lay out that they would bother to stop by to say goodbye before they head off to wheverver it is that they stay over the summer. (You would be wrong.)

And why does the one (maybe two) stay here 365 days a year? I’m sure the seed helps, but are their teeny, tiny, miniscule bird brains capable of the logic involved?


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