The Real Life Manitou Springs

I’ve mentioned that when writing I find it easiest to describe someplace I’ve been. One of the settings of my current NaNoWriMo work in progress is Manitou Springs, Colorado. While many of the specific places that I mention are imaginary and are meant to invoke a feeling for the place in general, others, such as the police station and the Pikes Peak train station, are very real. We were there in 2008.

IMG_6294 smallThe Pikes Peak Cog Railroad Yard

IMG_6301 small


Bear WarningJust what you want to see walking from the parking lot.

IMG_6686 smallI thought they were hummingbirds. Nope. We were told that they were the biggest freakin’ moths we had ever seen. (I still think they were hummingbirds.)

IMG_6691 smallThese were definitely hummingbirds!

IMG_6697 smallAnd bees. Lots and lots of bees.

IMG_6642 smallGoing to dinner after we had gone up to the Pikes Peak summit, we came out to this HUGE thunderhead, spectacularly lit as the sun set. With the tops still brilliant white, the bottoms black and shooting out lightning, and the middles various shades of red and orange, it was gorgeous to watch.

IMG_6649 small

IMG_6653 small

IMG_6660 small

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