Too Much ‘To Do List’, Not Enough Hours Today

  • Up early (ugh!)
  • Housework/chores (double ugh!)
  • Doctor appointment (meh!)
  • Shopping (it was Banana Thursday!)
  • More Christmas lights (yeah!)
  • The Long-Suffering Sister-In-Law arrives for a few days (more yeah!)
  • The Commemorative Air Force Southern California Wing Christmas party (yeah!) way the hell and gone out in Ventura (yeah?)
  • Despite the deepest desires of The Long-Suffering Wife, I did win the CAF election (I was running unopposed) for the 2014 Wing Finance Officer position (Woo hoo!)

Here, in the spirit of bizzarro-ness that this day has exemplified, have what I believe to be one of my oldest “selfies”, circa spring 1973:

1973_Page12_7dI knew that there was something odd about this picture (aside from the hair, zits, and sneer) and it just occurred to me what it is. I didn’t start wearing glasses until about ten years after this. I have vague recollections of a pair of yellow-tinted sunglasses that match these, but I have no idea why I thought they looked good.

What can I say? It was the 1970’s.


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2 responses to “Too Much ‘To Do List’, Not Enough Hours Today

  1. Johwee

    Dude, you totally look like Steve.


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