ISS & The Moon

Another really good ISS pass tonight in LA, with the added bonus of it going very near the five-day-old crescent moon. (Which means that somewhere nearby it went right in front of the moon and could have been photographed like that, but you’ve got to be good, mobile, and very lucky.)

Tonight, rising at about the same place as last night (northwest) but heading to almost due south instead of to northeast…

IMG_3139 small

First, a thirty-second exposure (with glare and lens flares from the omnipresent street lights) as ISS rises from the lower right and heads toward the moon, which is just above and to the left of the palm tree.

Then, in the three exposures below, all ten seconds each (so they didn’t get overexposed and washed out by the moon), all taken right after another, you can see ISS passing the moon.

IMG_3140 small

Someone who will remain nameless (Jessie!) might have bumped the tripod for a second there…


IMG_3141 small

Look at the blurred palm fronts at the top of the tree – the Santa Ana winds are blowing.

IMG_3142 small

Then swing the camera around to the left and keep shooting ten-second exposures…

IMG_3143 small

As predicted by the Heavens Above site, soon after ISS passes the moon it fades and flies into orbital night…

IMG_3144 small

…and is gone.

In Los Angeles, there are more good sightings in the evening Saturday (17:46:30) and Monday (17:41:13). Check for your location, wave to the six onboard!

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  1. Even with the bump, they are wonderful photos — thank you so much for sharing!! 🙂


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