Note To Future Writer-Self

Don’t EVER schedule a deadline around the holidays! Your brain is scattered and you have moments where you have the attention span of a kitten!

Maybe it’s the chaotic schedule – aren’t Thursdays a work day at the hanger? We’re missing two weeks in a row? So is today Saturday or Tuesday? Sunday?

At least when I was working as an accountant and controller I had the year-end regimen (and pressures) to deal with. As much as they might have sucked (they did), they imposed order, structure, and routine.

Maybe it’s the fact that there’s some unexpected scheduling chaos going on with our wing’s CAF year-end accounting at the moment. Not a big deal and the work load isn’t even within an order of magnitude of what it was like at my “real job,” but it means things that I was expecting to do now are on hold. Chaos piled on top of chaos, uncertainty to the Nth power.

Maybe it’s the hours of darkness, which are great for amateur astronomy and Christmas lights, but always mess a bit with ye olde circadian rhythms.

Maybe it’s the fact that for decades the Christmas season has been all about the kids and family decorating the house and presents for everyone and big gatherings at my parents house – now the kids are scattered, much of my family is back in Vermont, and it’s just The Long-Suffering Wife and I doing the decorating and passing (for the most part) on the big feast.

Maybe a combination of all of the above and more.

Whatever the cause, so far as the writing goes, my brain is goo and I have absolutely NOTHING to write about today!

Wait, what? How many words? 300? You’re kidding!

Huh. How about that! Close enough for government work, as they say.




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