New Year’s Eve 2014

The mighty, mighty Jessie-puppy-beast wants to wish each and every one of you a most Happy New Year!


The Long-Suffering Wife and I concur. We hope that no matter what your 2014 was like, your 2015 will be fantastic!

Above all, have fun celebrating tonight and tomorrow (and all through the weekend for some of you) — but be safe and make good choices. Don’t start the year by being a statistic.

Don’t EVER drink and drive!

You’ll hear it a thousand times, but if you think that it doesn’t mean YOU they’re talking about — then it probably IS you they’re talking about. It only takes once, it only takes a second, but the consequences can last a lifetime.

It might not even be your lifetime that’s filled with suffering, pain, and grief. Lots of drunk drivers manage to kill themselves while also killing and/or maiming innocent bystanders. Are your loved ones ready to remember you every day for the rest of their lives, and every time wonder just what in hell you were thinking and how you could have been that stupid?

There are plenty of alternatives, especially tonight. Here in Los Angeles, AAA will take you home and tow your car home as well. Many public transportation systems are running later than usual and many are running free of charge. In some cities, cab companies are giving free rides. A friend could be the designated driver for you and your group. You could get a room, or crash (in the safe, sleeping on someone’s couch sort of way) at a friend’s place.

Lots of options! Driving while impaired should NEVER be one of them. It doesn’t matter if “it’s just a mile or so,” or you’ve “done this before,” or you’re “sure it will be okay.”

What part of **NEVER** are you unclear about?

Sorry for the lecture, but it’s a hot button item for me. I’ve lost friends.

Party on, even those of you already into 2015! Celebrate the good things that happened in 2014, perhaps shed a tear for the bad things, and then let’s look forward to kicking 2015’s ass! Let’s see what we can all do to make the upcoming year memorable for a lot of good reasons!

Oh, for the record, while Jessie, The Long-Suffering Wife, and I all wish you the best, I regret to tell you that Joey Chan doesn’t. Nothing personal — it’s just that she’s a cat.


It’s a well documented fact that cats don’t give a rat’s ass about New Year’s Eve.

Or anything else.

Except food.

And maybe a warm lap.

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