The Approaching Cold Front

(Late editing note: OK, I was just going to post two really, really cool pictures I took today, but then I got into this whole THING, but if you just want the cool pictures, they’re still there at the bottom. Sorry. *not sorry*)

It does get cold cold here occasionally in La-La Land (not just that wussy cold) and the next couple of days fall into that category. It won’t be too bad down by the beaches (that whole huge body of water heat-sink thing) but here in the valleys it’s expected to get down into the low 30’s and upper 20’s. (I know, my New England friends and family, you go whole months of the year praying for that as your high for the day, but I said “cold cold,” not “HOLY CRAP cold.”)

The timing of this “cold snap” means that the usual New Year’s Day message from the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce (otherwise known as the Rose Parade) won’t be, “Look at how great it is in SoCal where it’s in the 80’s and we’re walking around in shorts and Hawaiian shirts!” Watch for it, there are going to be some very chilly folks in those sleeping bags along Colorado Boulevard come Thursday morning.

A bit further outside of SoCal, they’re expecting a couple of inches of snow in Las Vegas??!! Not only is that going to make New Year’s Eve celebrations there more “interesting” than normal, but the millions of people going and coming from Lost Wages either by air or by I-15 over the mountains will have a whole new adventure to remember. It’s going to be a world-class mess, so stay at home like we are, pull up a comfy chair, pop some popcorn, and watch the chaos.

For the record, the current, “New Year’s Eve Eve” conditions on that I-15 Cajon Pass traffic link look like this:




That’s soooooooooo much red for sooooooooo many miles – I don’t even want to imagine.

While we almost always get some snow in the local mountains (which go up to 8,000 and 9,000 feet, thus the ski resorts just a two-hour drive from downtown LA) and on the I-5 “Grapevine” (which goes up to 4,160 feet) heading north to Sacramento and San Francisco, but it’s really rare to see snow down on the ground in the LA basin or any of the major valleys.

I’ve seen it once, when we were living in Granada Hills, at about 1,000 feet elevation, back in about 1988 or 1989. We got maybe a half-inch, I made a “snowman” in the front yard that was about the size of three marshmallows.

This storm probably won’t drop snow here (we’re now at about 770 feet) but it will bring snow down to about 2,000 feet, which means that the hills around the valleys will get a dusting.

Meanwhile, we’re also getting ferocious winds, currently 14 to 34 knots in the area, with gusts even higher. So I had better get this posted quickly, before the power goes out!

As Bill Cosby said, “I told you that story so that I could tell you this one.”

This cold front and storm was just coming down from the north as I was leaving the CAF hanger in Camarillo this afternoon and it looked really cool:

IMG_6832 small

(Remember to click to see the full-sized panorama.)

But as cool as that was out on the ramp, when I got out to the parking lot on the south side, I saw this, which may be one of the best pictures I’ve ever taken:

IMG_6840 small

And THAT’s why I’m not out looking for Comet Lovejoy tonight!



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3 responses to “The Approaching Cold Front

  1. Love the photo of the sun rays 🙂 Despite all these clouds around, I was wondering if you’d had a chance to see Mercury? I managed a glimpse on Monday(?) night… may have been Sunday…

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