Belfast, Maine

It was just a stop for lunch, a bit of warm chowder on a cool and rainy summer day. It was The Long-Suffering Wife’s first trip up the Maine coast. Belfast is pretty much like a hundred other small harbor towns from Nova Scotia to New York City. Boats, birds, harbor seals, houses on forest-covered hillsides jutting up above a rocky coast.

I remember it was really good chowder.

IMG_6876 small

IMG_6877 small

IMG_6879 small

IMG_6880 small

IMG_6881 small

IMG_6883 small

IMG_6885 small

IMG_6888 small

IMG_6895 small


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2 responses to “Belfast, Maine

  1. Jemima Pett

    I’ve always wanted to visit Maine. As long as I can stay at Crab Apple Cove. Maybe one day!


  2. I’ve been to Portland… and some tiny place about an hour from Canada and an equal hour from civilisation… that was a fun night LOL Trying to get to my brother-in-law’s house in a thunderstorm with torrential rain and no cell phone signal. Couldn’t even see the turns in the road ahead.

    That was July 4th weekend, 2009 (I think) – and I swear, it was as cold as November in my homeland of England.

    But hey, if you can’t get good chowder in Maine, then you might as well give up…


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