Spring’s Forward Scout

IMG_1281 small

A barren tree, a wintery blue sky and a few whispy clouds. Could be winter in Minnesota, Maine, or Mississippi.

IMG_1270 small

With a few days of rain and wind in the last couple of weeks, the last of the leaves are gone from most of the leafy trees.

IMG_1273 small

But the winters are mild and short in Southern California. There’s no snow on the ground, and it’s closer to 70°F than to 20°F.

IMG_1279 small

The branches won’t be bare for long.

IMG_1286 small

99.9% of the branches are tipped with buds, ready to burst, like popcorn kernels that are so close to going off.

IMG_1277 small

Someone’s got to be first, and this particular branch tip decided to jump the gun. Go big or go home!

A harbinger of better times to come? Or an unembarrassed and unabashed overachiever? Maybe we’re just seeing spring’s advance scout, checking to make sure the bees are ready to come out and play.

{{Note — It’s Flash Fiction Thursday, but I’m still writing my piece and there’s no way it’s done by midnight, so I’ll post it tomorrow.}}

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